Age: 21
Bust: 75 A
Confection: 32
Size: 165
Figure: thin
Type: flexible
Hair color: dark
Eyecolour Brown
Weight:< 55kg
Body hair: hairless
Nationality: Bulgaria
Languages: little German English

About me
My passion will carry us far. We will be able to do everything that we otherwise cannot do. The worries and the hardships in our heads have a break from broadcasting, because now lust reigns. We want to feel everything, we want to stick together. You should be deep inside me and your manhood should be firmly enclosed by me. You know exactly what I mean by that and you can imagine how wonderful that feels. You know exactly and that is a good thing. It should be that way. When my nightgown slips quietly to the floor and I drop my bra, you know the time will come soon. I sneak up to you and open the top button of your pants. I look deep into your eyes. With one jerk I pull the zipper open and another down your pants. A big bump awaits and challenges me, but I already know what my mouth can do. Lean back and close your eyes while my lips enclose your best piece and suck you drop by drop until you let yourself fall happily. But our sex game is far from over, it is just beginning …

Extras (surcharge)
Golden Shower: 10 €
Dildo games (active): 10 €
Dildo games (passive): 10 €
Lesbian games: 20 €
Kissing with tongue: 10 €
Erotic massage: 15 €
Cum on body: 10 €
Facial: 20 €
Multiple men 30 min. 1 man: 40 €
Couples (man and woman): 60 €
Striptease: 10 €
Feet erotic: 10 €
Trampling: € 20
Doctor games: 30 €
Role play special: 30 €

Service (inclusive)
Oral games (with Condom), straps on request, high heels on request, easy finger games, busty sex, kissing and snuggle, service for handicapped, dirty talk, egg licking, face sitting, in truck or car, outdoor sex, shower and bath games, hand relaxation, body insemination, change of position, come as much as you can,