Age: 26
Bust: 75 B
Waist: 34
Height: 170
Figure: petite
Type: Top High Class Model
Hair color: blonde
Weight:< 55kg
Body hair: hairless
Languages: German English

About me
Nice to meet you. My name is Valerija. Does my tanned body tell you where I’m from? But that’s a minor matter anyway because I want to speak the language of love with you. And believe me we will talk hot and lively … Promised. I like to show you how a woman reaches climax and you don’t miss out.

Extras (extra charge)
Anal: € 20
Golden Shower: 10 €
Dildo games (active): € 10
Dildo games (passive): € 10
Lesbian games: € 30
French kisses: 10 €
Facial insemination: 20 €
Excess men per 30 min. 1 man: 40 €
Couples (man and woman): € 60
Striptease: € 10
Foot erotic: 10 €
Dominatrix: 30 €

Service (inclusive)
French with; Erotic massage; straps on request; high heels on request; Body insemination; Change of position; Hand relaxation; Cuddling / cuddling; Shower & bath games; Light finger games; Traffic possible several times; Kissing;