Age: 22
Bust: 75 B
Waist: 34
Height: 173
Hair color: Dark
Body hair: Hairless
Nationality: Romania
Languages: little German English

Extras (surcharge)
Golden Shower: 10 €
Dildo games (active): 10 €
Dildo games (passive): 10 €
French kisses: 20 €
Erotic massage: 20 €
Striptease: 15 €

Service (inclusive)
French with protection, with suspenders on request, high heels on request, simple finger games, Spanish, cuddling and snuggling, also serves the disabled, dirty talking, egg-licking, facesitting, visits trucks or cars, outdoor sex, bathing and showering games , Hand relaxation, body insemination, change of position, multiple intercourse

About me
For me, French kisses are the beginning of something intense and eager I am open to new experiences and like to embark on exciting adventures. With me you will reach unimagined heights of pleasure and live out your secret fantasies. I look forward to pampering you and giving you unforgettable moments. Golden showers excite me and set my passion ablaze. I am both active and passive in dildo play and look forward to immersing myself in the world of pleasure together with you. My hairless skin invites you to let yourself be explored. My dark hair caresses my face and gives me a mysterious charm. With my height of 173 centimeters I surpass you and let you dive into a world of passion. A hot striptease from me will put you in ecstasy and ignite your passion. My Breast of 75 B and my petite Height 34 make me a seductive sight. Come, let’s make an appointment and immerse ourselves in the world of sensuality together. Body insemination is one of my fantasies that I would like to share with you.