Age: 28
Bust: 75 A
Confection: 32
Size: 165
Hair color: dark
Weight:< 55kg
Body hair: hairless
Nationality: Czech Republic
Languages German

About me
Do you know that, nice evening with good friends great food extensively partying? But something is missing in the evening and something that sweetens the night —– Sahra. Our sweet escort girl is a piece of cake from a woman, dark hair, dark eyes and a body that feels like silk and velvet at the same time. Sahra conquered the coolest men’s hearts by storm and with her charm she melts icebergs. When the wind subsides, Sahra blows new ones in again.

Extras (surcharge)
Kissing with tongue (depending on sympathy): 10 €
Couples (man and woman): 40 €

Service (inclusive)
Dildo games (active); Dildo games (passive); French with; Erotic massage; high heels on request; Body insemination; Change of position; Hand relaxation; Cuddling / cuddling; Shower & bath games; Foot eroticism; Light finger games; Traffic possible several times; Kiss;