Age: 21
Bust: 75 B
Waist: 34
Size: 165
Hair color: brunette
Weight:< 55kg
Body hair: hairless
Languages: little German English

About me
Hello my pretty. The internet is really huge when it comes to size for escort Berlin agencies. So it’s a bit surprising to me how you found my profile so quickly. There was definitely one point or the other that led you to do it. Maybe it was my pictures. But keep it to yourself, I’ll come back to this situation later. Of course you also want to know a little more about me. So, I’m a top model who really wants to enjoy a situation. On a sex date in a hotel, feelings such as passion, lust and of course the corresponding eroticism are particularly important. How my view is in detail, I can tell you over the phone. At the same time you can tell me where you want to order to me 🙂

Extras (surcharge)
Golden Shower: 10 €
Dildo games (active): 10 €
Dildo games (passive): 10 €
Kissing with tongue: 10 €
Erotic massage: 15 €
Cum on body: 10 €
Facial: 20 €
Striptease: 10 €
Feet erotic: 10 €

Service (inclusive)
Oral games (with Condom), straps on request, high heels on request, easy finger games, busty sex, kissing and snuggle, service for handicapped, dirty talk, egg licking, face sitting, in truck or car, outdoor sex, shower and bath games, hand relaxation, body insemination, change of position, come as much as you can,