Age: 21
Bust: 75 A
Waist: 34
Size: 165
Hair color: brunette
Body hair: hairless
Languages: little German English

About me
I want to do whatever you want with you. I want to be of service to you and then you should also be of service to me. I want your every move to help me climax well. You should only aim for that and I will only aim to make it as beautiful as possible for you and that you can come well. I want everything you can give me and you should take everything I can give you. That’s what matters. The longing has been spreading in me for quite a while. The longing for the very special date, with the very special moments. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just unique, that’s what I would want. That way you get a picture that you never want to forget again. Do you want to be part of this picture? Then we could enjoy this moment together. I’m pretty sure we’re on the same wavelength. The thought of my husband, who wants to be intimate with me, excites me a lot. I’m sitting here, only wearing suspenders and high heels and it tingles terribly inside me. Is it you who will satisfy my desire for a sexual adventure? I am sure that the sight of me excites you. You certainly know what to do to fuel the fire of my desires even more and to quench it in the end. Do not hesitate and get in touch right now! My body craves sex!

Extras (surcharge)
Golden Shower: 10 €
Dildo games (active): 10 €
Dildo games (passive): 10 €
French kisses: € 20
Cum on body: 10 €
Facial: 20 €
Feet erotic: 10 €
Doctor games: 30 €
Role play special: 30 €
Strap-on dildo: € 15

Service (inclusive)
Oral games (with Condom), straps on request, high heels on request, easy finger games, busty sex, kissing and snuggle, service for handicapped, dirty talk, egg licking, face sitting, in truck or car, outdoor sex, shower and bath games, hand relaxation, body insemination, change of position, come as much as you can,