Age: 20
Breast: 75 C
Waist: 34
Size: 165
Hair color: dark
Body hair: hairless
Languages: English

About me
Lust is wonderful and I don’t have a whole lot of lust in me. Can you belive that? Yes you can and I will give you what you ask for. I want you to collapse contentedly and then know that it was good. Then you rest and then more and more. You can use your fingers and your tongue to do me good. I am grateful for everything and I will be greedy, I promise. So let off steam, because I can use it. Well, don’t like being alone, my handsome. I know the emotional world you are in right now. Everyday life, stress and no real light in the sky. Where has happiness gone Where did these warm feelings go? Do you only live to work? No, my handsome, definitely not, even if it sometimes appears. You just have to find the right person who can bring your wishes back closer to you. Believe me when I tell you that I can be exactly that kind of person because I know exactly how you feel, but also know exactly how to replace this feeling with beautiful feelings. Would that be a dream for you? No, that would be the reality if you called me.

Extras (surcharge)
Anal: € 50
Golden Shower: 10 €
Dildo games (active): 10 €
Dildo games (passive): 10 €
Lesbian games: 60 €
French kisses: € 20
Erotic massage: 15 €
Cum on body: 10 €
Facial: 20 €
Multiple men 30 min. 1 man: 60 €
Couples (man and woman): 60 €
Striptease: 10 €
Feet erotic: 10 €
Doctor games: 30 €
Corset: € 30
Lacquer / leather: € 10
Latex / rubber: € 20
Role play special: 30 €
Strap-on dildo: € 30

Service (inclusive)
if desired with straps; Cum on body; Multiple positions; Snuggle & Cuddling; Feet erotic; Slight Finger games; Breast Sex; Come as much as you can; Kissing; Service for handycapped; Dirty Talk; Facesitting; Truck or Car;